Causes of distracted driving

Causes of distracted driving – Whether driving professionally or on your own time, minimizing these causes of distracted driving can help save lives. Understanding that drivers are human and can create a number of risks on the road, governments, tech companies and auto manufacturers are working to make self-driving cars a reality (though these vehicles are not without their own potential dangers). Until these vehicles become widely available, though, distracted driving will continue to be a major contributor to crash-related injuries and deaths.

Although states and the federal government enact and enforce laws to limit cellphone use and prohibit texting while driving, employers also have a responsibility to address causes of distracted driving in their fleets. Even where companies have policies pertaining to mobile phone use, these guidelines may not go far enough to address the full causes of distracted driving.

Whether you employ drivers or simply want to help protect employees who travel to work every day, raising awareness of common causes of distracted driving can help reduce risks…and maybe even prevent a tragedy.

Causes of distracted driving

Talking on the phone

Despite widespread awareness about the dangers of using a phone while driving, the behavior persists. Many believe that talking on the phone while driving is safe with hands-free technology. However, a recent study shows otherwise.

Texting and other phone manipulation

Whether texting or checking something online via a smartphone, a few seconds with your eyes off the road could be the last mistake you make. At 55 mph, a car travels 80 feet every second. Reading a text takes an average of almost five seconds. Your car could travel the length of a football field before you look back at the road.

Talking with another passenger

Let’s be realistic. Whether carpooling to work or driving with friends or family, we’re going to talk with fellow passengers. There’s a plus side to having another set of eyes on traffic, but it’s negated when conversation diverts your attention from the road. Drivers and passengers need to “save it for later” when road conditions are treacherous, traffic patterns change quickly or the conversation simply diminishes the driver’s focus.

Moving objects/animals in the vehicle

Whether it’s a pet along for the ride, an insect flying through a window or any object that drops out of position, something moving unexpectedly can be a distraction. Further, our reflex action instinctively compels us to reach for something sliding off a seat – but the damage caused by letting that object fall will likely be far less impactful than the risks associated with not paying attention to the road. If a pet is distracting you, pull over and take measures to calm the animal, including using a cage or restraints if necessary.

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