Oriental decoration for a thousand and one nights atmosphere

Oriental decoration is intended to be warm and original. If you like the sensations of escape and daily travel, this atmosphere coming straight from elsewhere is made for you. Moroccan craftsmanship, leather and other oriental materials, oriental furniture… Discover useful decorative accessories!

Oriental decoration, decorative touches that make you travel

The oriental decoration is warm and original. If you like the sensations of escape and daily travel, this atmosphere coming straight from elsewhere is made for you. Moroccan craftsmanship, leather and other oriental materials, oriental furniture… Discover useful decorative accessories for a successful oriental and sunny decoration without overdoing it.

Oriental decor for the living room

Berber rugs

For a decor reminiscent of the Orient in your living room, the first thing to think about are the rugs. Opt for those with Berber patterns, long hair, prints and colors of your choice. If you like fairly discreet decorations in neutral tones, opt for the trendy white or ecru Berber rug with very discreet patterns such as black diamonds. If, on the contrary, you prefer warmer interiors, do not hesitate in this case to choose a colorful and warmer one. Match it to all of your decor for a cozy and warm atmosphere. There are all kinds and all sizes. Still favor oriental craftsmanship for the choice of your rug.

Oriental lights

For ultra warm evenings, opt for the oriental lamp. It brings an exotic touch to a decoration and brings warmth and comfort to an interior. You will have the choice on your lights between table lamps, candles or suspensions. Prefer openwork lamps, these let the light through and cast pretty shadows on the walls. Warm atmosphere and romantic evening guaranteed! What is good about this type of lamps is that they can be very contemporary and authentic at the same time. They will therefore easily adapt to each style.

Moroccan furniture

Finally, for a successful oriental living room decoration, bet on some oriental furniture. By this we mean wooden furniture with openwork doors, for example, or engraved directly on the wood. We find some of them with original shapes with rosette-type patterns. This furniture allows a subdued and completely exotic atmosphere in an interior. You will easily find the right collection at Homary to complete your interior makeover.

The eastern foundations

For your seats, also bet on a Moroccan living room. A real friendly corner where family and friends can gather around a good hot tea. You can also make one from wooden pallets in the size that suits you. For more comfort, consider adding cushions with oriental motifs and a few leather poufs straight from Moroccan craftsmanship. Friendly and exotic effect guaranteed!

Oriental decoration for the bedroom

The room also deserves a change of scenery. There is nothing better than having a room that looks like a vacation or has the decor of a 5 star hotel. To feel like in an oriental bedroom, some elements will be useful to give you the impression of spending a night with a bit of magic.

An oriental headboard

You will find very marked, openwork and rounded shapes. If you opt for these, do not load the rest of your room because it will quickly be stifling and you will get bored much faster.

Opt instead for a more modern headboard in neutral hues. There are large square or rectangular ones, ideal for framing your bed corner. Accompany it with white or cream curtains for a guaranteed atmosphere of a thousand and one nights. With this, choose a bedding set in neutral hues for a modern oriental decoration.

Wall decorations

After choosing your headboard, an essential element of the bedroom, now choose your oriental wall decorations.

To do this, opt for golden sun mirrors, pancakes or other braided plates. You can also opt for an oriental painting inspiring you to travel and escape. Wall decorations are important to bring more warmth to a room such as the bedroom. Be careful not to overload, to have a good night’s sleep according to Feng Shui tips.

The oriental decoration in the bathroom too

You can’t fully escape if the bathroom isn’t in oriental colors. Did you have to renovate it? That’s fine then! For a bathroom or a shower room to have an Ethnic look, it will be played on the materials used as well as the patterns.

For the tiling of your shower or room, choose small tiles to create a mosaic. You can also opt for square and rectangular zellige in striking colors such as bejmat green or majorelle blue. If you’re not a fan of tiling, then opt for tadelakt coating, perfect for giving your bathroom an ethnic and boho-chic look.

Then, opt for different accessories reminiscent of oriental decor. You will have arched mirrors, woven baskets, openwork sconces for a shadow effect and small wall decorations.

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