Reasons Why Science Is Important

Reasons Why Science Is Important – Most of us know about the big figures and stories in science: an apple falling on Isaac Newton’s head. Einstein coming up with E = mc2. Marie Curie isolating the radium that would one day kill her. Most science isn’t glamorous or public. Most scientists never become household names, but they’re engaging in work that can save lives, solve problems, and move the human race forward. Science affects all of us whether we know it or not. Here are ten reasons why science is important

Reasons Why Science Is Important

Science teaches you how to think analytically

The point of good science isn’t to teach you what to think. It teaches you how to think. When you study science, you learn how to analyze often huge amounts of data. You learn how to determine what’s good evidence, what’s bad, and what needs to be studied more. This type of analytical thinking is important in many other fields.

Science has many benefits for young students

When they’re young, students are building lots of skills they’ll need later in life. Science helps with many of them, such as clear communication, strong focus, and good organization. Studies show that students usually first become interested in STEM when they’re in elementary school. Supporting that interest helps kids build confidence in scientific subjects and provide them with more opportunities down the road.

Science reduces child mortality

We just talked about how humans used to be extremely vulnerable, but the truth is that we’re still vulnerable in a lot of ways. There are still many reasons why a child might not live to become an adult, including poverty and disease. In 2019, the WHO calculated that over 5 million kids under 5 years died of mostly preventable and treatable causes. Because of science
, experts can pinpoint the causes (like waterborne illness and malnutrition) and work to change things. Science also helps doctors learn more about pediatric cancer and other threats to a child’s life.

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