Lift Repair and Replacement: Points to Ponder

Imagine a lift suddenly breaking down and hitting the ground. The lives of all the people inside will be at stake just because nobody could detect a problem timely and repair the elevator. Lift maintenance is a prerequisite in every building. There are specialized repairmen hired for elevator maintenance and lift repair in top-notch companies.

The problems with lift repair could be more than one. For instance, it may have faulty sheaves, a bearing breakdown, or a power supply failure. But don’t fret. In this blog, we will show you what aspect you should double-check while entering into a new lift. Moreover, we will go through a variety of elevators and their advancing technologies.

So, let’s dig into each point:

The Different Types of Elevators

Elevators or lifts come in different varieties, according to their function and structure. When going for lift repair or replacement, keep in mind what type of lift the job requires and what system should it be running on. We will see the types of elevators concerning both their usage and structural mechanism:

A. Function Based Elevators

There are different lifts for passengers and those that carry services and goods. Having an overview, we see:

i. Passenger Lift:

These are available in offices, flats, and residential buildings for the movement of people from top to bottom floors.

ii. Service Lift:

Such types of elevators not only carry and transport people but also objects.

iii. Goods Lift:

These elevators are effective in carrying the goods to be loaded or unloaded.

B. Structure Based Elevators

The structural mechanism of elevators can vary in different types. Let us have a detailed overview of each type of elevator contrasting in frameworks.

1. Traction Elevator

In a traction elevator, a rope is passed across the connected wheel, which is further attached to an electric motor. When this motor gets electricity, the wheel gets into motion and pulls the rope. This way, the elevator goes up to the selected floor. Now the traction elevator is further divided into categories:

i. Geared Traction Elevator

When a gearbox is attached to the motor and the wheel is driven, we regard such an elevator as a geared traction elevator. With the help of these elevators, you can travel up to 500 feet per 60 seconds. However, the maximum limit offered by these lifts is 250 feet.

ii. Gearless Traction Elevator

In such elevators, there is no attached gear. Instead, the wheel is directly connected to the battery. It can take you up to 2000 feet within a second; that is also the limit they offer. Therefore, it is mostly preferred in sky-touching buildings.

2. Hydraulic Elevators

It has a completely different processing. It incorporates a piston at the end of the elevator that pushes it to each level. This piston is powered by eclectic motor oil or hydraulic fluids. However, it has less speed than the traction elevators. Here are the different types of hydraulic elevators:

i. Roped Hydraulic Elevator

This type of elevator employs both ropes as well as pistons to push the lift’s car. It can take you up to 60 feet.

ii. Conventional Hydraulic Elevator

This elevator incorporates sheaves on the elevator pit floor. When the lift descends, this pit holds a piston. These types of elevators can cover a distance of up to 60 feet.

iii. Hole-less Hydraulic Elevator

This elevator type is very much similar to conventional hydraulics except that they don’t include sheaves and holes in the pit floor. If there is a telescopic piston, then you can travel up to 50 feet, and if there is a non-telescopic piston, on the flip side, you can go up to 20 feet.

3. Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevators

MRL or machine room-less elevators can be of both type traction and hydraulic but don’t require any machine room on the elevator shaft. For the lift repair here, technicians and the lift maintenance unit are accessed from the top of the elevator cab.

4. Vacuum (Air Driven) Home Elevator

These types of elevators don’t need any pulley system. Instead, it is like a tube in the vacuum and functions by controlling the air pressure. It can incorporate 1 to 3 passengers and is used for residential buildings.

What Should You Look For in a New Lift?

Lift repair is not a necessity, sometimes you require a new elevator system altogether. Whenever you opt for a new lift, these are some factors you must consider:


The size of the lift should be considered according to the building’s requirements. If you need it for a commercial building, then look for bigger elevators. Commonly the size is three by four; however, there are also lifts available bigger than this size.

Load Capacity

If it is a small building having low traffic, then the lift can have a load capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. However, if the traffic is higher, then the lift should be designed according to the building’s load expectations.


The security level of a lift should be considered while incorporating it. There should be security cameras and security systems for any emergency case for the safety of your passengers.


Price is also one of the major factors you should consider while choosing an elevator. The small and basic elevators cost less than the advanced and bigger ones. Choose one according to your needs and desires.

Drive System

You should notice what the elevator is running through. Is it through pulley, piston, or air driven? However, you should research and then decide what type of elevator you should choose.

Elevators and Advancing Technology

The technology in elevators is advancing day by day. It is now more than just a simple pulley system. From enhancing security, modern elevators are now advanced in speed, load capacity, and distance to be covered per second.

Besides bringing the sleekest designs and stylish outlooks, the modern elevators also incorporate tech-savvy features. You will have more core space while adding the movement capacity. Moreover, the motor’s size has been smaller without compromising the speed. Above all, the elevators now also incorporate sleep modes. How cool that sounds!


Wrapping up the discussion, we must say that it is high time you need to replace your typical elevator and bring something innovative, swift, and more secure type of elevator. Moreover, you must heed the regular lift repair/maintenance services to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

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