What color to choose for a coffee table?

The coffee table comes in a thousand and one colors. Red, green, white, black, grey, blue, yellow or even transparent, how to choose the ideal color for your living room furniture? First tip: do as you like. There is nothing worse than seeing colors in your interior that you don’t like. Feeling good at home is essential and colors play a very important role in well-being, even more in the room of the house that best symbolizes relaxation. However, it is important to find the right balance. For this, we advise you never to exceed 3 tones in a single room so as not to create a hodgepodge of colors that would unbalance your decor. 

To determine the color of your coffee table, we advise you to take into account the colors present in your living room. The color of your living room furniture can, for example, adapt to that of your sofas, your walls or your TV cabinet. On the contrary, if your decoration has neutral hues on the whole, opting for a colored coffee table can energize your living room. Do not hesitate to equip yourself with a color wheel to choose the best color combinations. In the meantime, here is a small overview of the different possibilities available to you:


The colorful shades bring dynamism to the living room. Several choices are available to you, bright colors such as red, orange or even yellow, colder shades such as green or blue, even soft shades such as pastel. Whatever your choice, be careful not to add too much to your living room except for a few touches at the risk of going too much. The colors must be balanced!


White, grey, black or even taupe, these shades will adapt to most living rooms. By making this choice, you can more easily arrange your coffee table in a balanced way with the rest of your living room. Nevertheless the rule remains the same, no more than 3 dominant colors in your room to balance the decoration of your living room.


The wood shades bring authenticity and naturalness to the decor of your living room. They can be mixed with a few touches of color as for certain Scandinavian creations or black as can be seen regularly with industrial coffee tables. Your coffee table can also be entirely made of a wood tint for increased authenticity. Go for examples on https://www.homary.com/category/coffee-tables-16.html.


Mineral shades underline the character of a decor. Ceramic, stone, marble or even Dekton, these materials offer colors that are all prettier than the next. Among the most common shades, the Calacatta marble pattern, waxed concrete or even slate. In any case, the result will sublimate your living room.


If your goal is to optimize your space, the transparent coffee table will be your best ally. Thanks to the clarity it provides, there is no doubt that your living room will seem larger. In addition, its pretty generally designer look will most likely not leave you indifferent!

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