The best 5 productivity hacks i wish i knew earlier.

there is a saying that “the earlier you know the better you become , growing up as a human we have made certain mistakes in life and we could be go back to undo those errors, but time waits for no man. in this writes up we are learning about 5 things we wish we knew, read to the end.

  • The Pomodoro technique: Set a timer for 25 minutes, only work on one task during this time. The simple act of setting a timer and completely dedicating to a task for the time will totally changed workflow.
  • Prioritized to -do list: Put your most important task at the top of your list. don’t move on until it is complete. I am a firm believer in To-Do Lists. But they can quickly pile up and become a daunting mess.
  • The 5- minutes Rule: work on a task you have been avoiding for 5 – minutes . If after 5 – minutes you want to stop, stop. for most of time you will keep doing and going.
  • Single – tasking : All that multitasking will di, is preventing you from ever reaching the flow state while you are working. Studies shows that the human brain is terrible at switching between tasks effectively. so we must learn to do one task at a time..
  • Eliminate Distractions: Identify where your primary distractions comes from. Make a conscious effort to remove them when working. In 2021 , distraction is the ultimate productivity killer. Everything is designed to steal your attention. remove any bad habit and distraction from your life.

thanks so much reading this article , may God help us all.. stay bless …

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