“I Have Been Having Se.x With My Dad Since My Mom Passed Away.” 22-Year-Old Lady Confesses…

According to her, she is the only child of her parents. But sadly, her mother passed away when she was only 16 years old and she has been living with her dad alone since then.

She added that, she has always admired her father since she was little. “One night, my dad came to room and I was lying down naked. He couldn’t resist by voluptuous body and since I also desired him, we had coitus that night.” She narrated.

Ever since that night, the two have continued to sleep with each other for 3 years now. The worst part of the the story is that, she does not even feel guilty about what’s going on. She revealed that; “I enjoy my dad and my dad enjoys me. We are not going to date anyone but ourselves.”

Here is the screenshot of her confession.

What do you think about this lady and her father?

What advise do you have for them?

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