‘Kofi Kinaata Is A Senior Brother, We All Look Up To Him,’ says Black Sherif.

Black Sherif

On the microblogging site, Ghanaian Hiplife/Trap music sensation Mohammed Ismail Sherif, also known as Black Sherif, argues that Kofi Kinaata is not as talented as Black Sherif when it comes to lyrics.

This comes after the “Second Sermon” singer expressed his unhappiness with how certain fans used social media to set up musicians for trolls instead of promoting their music businesses.

He wrote;On this app, people compare musicians for their own reasons, as you all know. The emphasis should be on promoting GHANA MUSIC and improving the industry for up-and-coming artists. It’s pointless to set KILLA up for trolls. Disseminate positivity and love.

After listening to songs by the former, Black Sherif, a fan who was praising Black Sherif while criticizing Kofi Kinaata’s talent remarked that the latter is not as talented as the former.

He wrote: If you listen closely to Black Sherif’s songs, you’ll notice Kofi Kinaata lacks talent… He’s only kept going by street love and the taadi fanbase.

Black Sherif disputed with the fan, claiming that Kofi Kinaata is his senior brother in the music industry, and that most new artists, including himself, look up to him. Oh brody, Kinaata is a senior brother, he replied.

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