Resurrections Challenge: Pastor Resurrects 2 Dead Bodies At The Mortuary – See VIDEO

A video of a South African minister professing to have revived a man from the dead circulated around the web early this year.

The so called prophet, Alph Lukau confronted claims, a test, and online media disparage for professing to have revived a dead man at his congregation, Alleluia International Ministries, in Sandton, Johannesburg.

A viral video showed Pastor Alph Lukau yelling ‘ascend to a man who was easily resting in a casket wearing a white suit and gloves with cotton stuffed in his nose.

In under a second, the dead man out of nowhere snapped upstanding to cheers from the admirers. He then, at that point, gotten out of the final resting place and strolled to eat the food he was presented at the first line of the congregation.

In any case, many accepted the entire ‘revival marvel’ was stage-overseen. People, in general, are occupied with a #resurrectionchallenge video to copy the supernatural occurrence of Pastor Lukau.

Minister Ernest Addo has anyway imagines that ‘Lukau’s marvel’ is an authentic one.

Watch the video beneath. Minister exhibits how he figured out how to reestablish life in two dead bodies.

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