Mankessim: Female BECE candidate defecated on herself after invigilator denied her access to washroom

An invigilator denied a female BECE candidate the opportunity to free her bowels during an examination on Friday at the Mankessim Senior High School examination center in the Central region and this compelled her to defecate on herself.

According to EIB’s Central Regional Correspondent Yaw Boagyan, the incident occurred after the student’s repeated requests to attend to nature’s call were ignored.

According to Boagyan, the student had been ill prior to the exam.

Reports revealed she was on medication, and several of her tutors were already conscious of her predicament.

Although most of the teachers reportedly pleaded on behalf of the girl to be allowed to go out, the invigilator ignored them.

The girl, according to reports, was compelled to continue the examination despite the faeces on her and that enraged some teachers who intervened.

The candidate, who was a student of Beifikrom Basic School, was sent to the girls dormitory to change her uniform after a few of her mates rushed to her house to get her some clothes.

Some angry teachers while speaking to Boagyan, lambasted the invigilator for humiliating the young girl.


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