How To Know If Your Woman Is Having An 0rgasm- See Video

How might you let me know if a lady has had a 0rgasm?

This is an extreme inquiry most men battle to reply.

Note that each lady is special, and acts distinctively when they are energized during s*xual Interc0urse.

Here are a few pointers you can see when a lady is having or has had a 0rgasm:

1.Her face bends in odd and surprising ways, (for example, eyes totally open, mouth totally open, and so on)

2.She can’t keep herself calm (groans, screeches, as well as shouts, and so forth)

3.Her back curves, her legs fit, she kicks, scratches, or clenches down.

4.She’s exhausted as well as hyperventilates.

5.She cur$es and additionally shouts things, for example, “gracious s#it!” “F#ck!” “Goodness my G-d!” or “YES! Indeed! Indeed!”

6.Her eyes look spacey and she is by all accounts “high” (thereafter).

7.Once she can ultimately talk, she says she her arms and legs feel shivery/numb and additionally she feels dazed or like she’s drifting (thereafter).

8.You can feel her vaginal muscles contract/fit (infrequently and just a few ladies).

9.You can see/feel her “spurt” vaginal fluid (seldom and just a few ladies).

10.She coincidentally pees herself somewhat smidgen (happens regularly because of energy and vaginal compression; in some cases men see/feel this and misstep it for cum).

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