Professional Allowance for the year 2021 paid

The Finance Ministry released funds for the payment of the allowance for the year 2021. The money has now reflected on the validation voucher for the month of November 2021. This means that teachers will be paid at the end of November 2021 aside their monthly salary.

It will be recalled that the Akufo-Addo led administration in 2020 introduced the professional development allowance for both teaching and non teaching staff of GES in November 2020. Although many teachers thought it was meant to win teachers vote, the allowance has come to stay indeed.

The payment of Professional Development Allowance for the year 2021 has finally reflected in the payment voucher for November validation. All things being equal, professional and unprofessional teachers will see a rise in their November salary owing to PDA at the end of the month.

Teachers should also not forget that the amount paid is the lesser than the expected amount because of TM1 laptop deductions. The rest of the money is to be used by the teacher to foot the bills of any workshop to be organized from 2021 to the next payment date. Although scores of the teachers are yet to get their laptop, the money has already been deducted

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