Warning, Google Chrome can track android users

Google Chrome users have been told that their phone’s motion data is automatically shared with the websites they visit on their device, leading calls to remove the software altogether.


Security researcher Tommy Mysk recently found the startling finding, which he reported in a series of tweets on October 29. Google Chrome automatically transmits the location data of Android users

1Google Chrome automatically shares the location data of Android users.”The Chrome browser on Android provides any website you visit access to your phone’s accelerometer data,” Mysk noted in one of his posts.

Smartphone accelerometers are known for their sensitivity in detecting a user’s orientation and position. This sensor allows you to change from portrait to landscape mode and track your location on a map.

Researchers have already discovered that an app or website may obtain information about your mental state, heart rate, sleeping habits, and more just by employing that sensor.

Mysk discovered that Google Chrome lets any website a user visits to request motion data by default. Websites do this to track a device, monitor ad interactions, and check ad impressions.

According to Mysk, Google does this even when the browser is switched to “Incognito Mode.” Following the finding, a Forbes article urged Android users to uninstall Google Chrome from their phones.

But, according to Forbes’ Zak Doffman, “Facebook isn’t the world’s most successful data harvester—that honor goes to Google.”

“Unlike Facebook, which has been severely harmed by Apple’s recent privacy regulations, Google’s digital ad revenues have continued to rise.

While Facebook/Meta functions as a lightning rod, the reality is that Google poses a far greater threat to your privacy. “However, Facebook isn’t the most successful data harvester in the world; that honor belongs to Google.

Unlike Facebook, which has been negatively impacted by Apple’s recent privacy regulations, Google’s digital ad revenues have continued to rise. “The reality is that, while Facebook/Meta acts as a lightning rod for your privacy, Google is a much bigger menace.”

“While Facebook was collecting this information for itself, Chrome is glad to gather it for others—basically permitting a free-for-all when it comes to very sensitive information about your every action and behavior,” he wrote.

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