Meet Joseph, The Man Who Has Been Pregnant For 10 Years.

It is impossible and extremely unusual for a man to become pregnant, but Joseph, 52, has been pregnant for ten years. The father of four explains that he wasn’t always this way; he was born a regular, healthy child.

He met and married his wife in 1994, and they have four children together. He is really pleased with his marriage, which he has been in for 27 years.

He had a good life and was extremely happy before he developed this illness. He had a 15-year employment working for a Dutch corporation, and the salary was excellent.

Unfortunately, this did not endure, and he was fired from the company after only a few years. That was when things started to go awry; he owned some properties, but he needed to sell them in order to start a business.

The company seemed promising at first, but it failed after a few months. Life was growing difficult for him and his family because they had no other source of income.

He became severely sick at this time, much to his dismay. He had been to the hospital several times over the previous six years, but nothing had been done. He later sold his last property so that he could go to a more advanced hospital.

His large stomach, he claims, has nothing to do with pregnancy. After further screening, it was determined that he was infected with the influenza B virus.

This disease is transferred by contact with bodily fluids, and the therapy was too costly for him to afford.

He tried everything he could to pay for his therapy, but he couldn’t afford it because he couldn’t find work, had to sell his final property, and had to care for his wife and children.

He was on the verge of death. Not only that, but he confronted it, yet it refused to accept him.His buddies who were beside him when he was having fun had all deserted him when he needed them the most. This has turned into a major setback for him.

With life slamming him in the face and friends abandoning him, he has turned to God and prayed that everything will fall into place one day.

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