Two Ladies Expose Their “Toto” In Public

A lot is already riding in the atmosphere and mindsets have already been programmed. Many already have thoughts about events before they happen as others hardly care about anything.

One would watch some of these occurrences play and do nothing about it, whereas what others do best is to stream for it to come to the media.

Talking about violence, men are usually the first thought to engulf their actions in fistfights. Now, it looks like our fellow ladies have taken it to another level for-going their ladyships and ‘macho-ing’ their egos publicly.
A video trending has been brought into view, two ladies who were fighting over a matter hard to explain since any solid reason is yet to come up.

They fought to the point of going more than half-naked and beyond exposing their “toto” publicly. Elders who have so far seen this video say we have lost our ethics, teenagers, and youths who stumble upon it laugh and crack talk over them.

As funny and serious as this is, it wasn’t a pleasant sight to behold especially on the side of women showing their “toto”. Could it be boyfriend matter? Sharing of ideas? Mortal enemy battle? Cradle to the grave? Or, a misunderstanding of 21st-century ladies?

Check out the video here:

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