So Sad: As ‘Pragia’ Driver Beaten To Death Over A Bag Of Money Left In His Tricycle

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5 people has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service who allegedly beaten a 43 years old ‘Pragia’ driver who found money in his Tricycle later after his work of the day in Obuasi of Ashanti Region.

The suspect, Mary Sarfo a cold store operator and 4 others who banged up and kill the 43 years old Amadu Ibrahim the Pragia driver who did not return the money immediately he saw in his Tricycle meanwhile the money was revealed untouched to search for the owner.

Given the full details, the people assumed the Pragia driver could have left the money to the fuel station attendant so that they can give it to anyone who come and complain about a missing money.

A details given to the Angel News morning show by Chuku Joseph, said even though the suspect continued beaten up the driver after revealing that it was not the driver’s intention to keep the money. The bag was full of Ghc8,600 which was intact to a coin.

They said the driver kept the money for too long before revealed to them and so deserved to be beaten him up, though he did not die at a spot but at the hospital for few days suffering from the implications of the assault on him from the suspects.

The mother of the deceased has called on the Ghana Police Service to make sure justice is prevail since her son is innocent. The deceased left 6 kids behind.

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Source: Angel News

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