How To Make Kontomire Stew( Palava Sauce).

Kontomire stew, also known as Palava sauce, is a Ghanaian dish made from cocoyam leaves.Palava sauce goes well with boiled yam, boiled rice, and just about any other side dish you can think of.


(a bundle/bowl full) Kontomire

a ladle of extra virgin olive oil

1 salmon (small size)

1 momone (salty fish) of medium size

2 hands full with agushie powder

6 peppery fingers

4 tomatoes, medium size

2 onions, medium size

a quarter teaspoon of salt


Wash and cook for three minutes your finely cut kontomire. Stir to see if it’s cooked on both sides. Allow water to sit or strain it.

Prepare tomato stew as you would any other stew, then add rinsed momone before adding the ground components. By cutting the salmon into little pieces, you may add it to the dish.

In a separate dish of water, add one tablespoon of salt to the agushie (in a porridge form). Stir for a few minutes before slowly pouring into a simmering stew.

Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer for five minutes, stirring occasionally.Add cooked kontomire to the stew, along with a little of the stock used to boil the kontomire.

Allow to simmer for about five minutes after tasting for salt. It’s time to serve. It can be served with Rice, boiled yam/ plantain etc.

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