“My being small doesn’t take away my feelings; I dated four men” – 13-year-old rejected at Tv3 Date Rush audition weeps [+Video]

A thirteen-year-old girl who was stopped by the organizers of the “Date Rush” event on Tv3 because of her age claims being little must not be used as a basis to disqualify her.

Speaking in an interview, she claims she equally has feelings which she needs to express them and so she doesn’t deserve the disqualification.

She says when she was bounced by the organizers, she asked them if her very young age had robbed her of her feelings which wanted to express through love.

“When I got there I was not given the forms to fill because they said I’m too small and so I can’t be part of the show. I also asked them whether my being small takes away my feelings or not. Being small doesn’t take away my feelings,” she says.

When asked by the interviewer in a viral video how many guys she dated before, she says, “four.”

The video has been making rounds on social media and has sparked numerous comments.

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