Suhum: At least six people were injured by indiscriminate gunshots.

On Saturday, November 6, 2021, at least six people were injured by indiscriminate gunshots during the enstoolment of a top national security capo as Akyampimhene of Suhum in the Eastern area.

In an ambulance, the patients were taken to Suhum Government Hospital.Ushers and drummers from the customary ceremony were among those hurt.

A firearm carried by a police officer went off at the house of the recently enstooled chief Nana Amoako Darko, resulting in a gunshot.

With the enstoolment of Nana Amoako Darko, the senior national security capo at the Jubilee House, as Akyampimhene of Suhum, a joint team of around 100 armed national security operatives, military and police took over the streets of Suhum amid indiscriminate shooting of live bullets into the air.

When Nana Amoako Darko was paraded across town to display the subjects, the gunfire became more frequent.Residents of Suhum were terrified and panicked as a result of this.

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