Gossip is not a good thing to do.
Some people spend their entire life grumbling about others, whether it’s their spouse, child, friend, neighbor, or loved one.

You will be the only one who loses if you listen to them and try to participate. You can even lose a friend as a result of your actions.
You can only win if you don’t take sides. Neve, ever!.

Change the topic. Make a mental note of anything you need to get done right now, and then walk away. Do this on a regular basis. Make it clear that you have no desire to criticize others.

People will look up to you. They’ll know you’ll never say anything negative about THEM behind their backs.
As Christians, we should pray for those in need. We should PRAY FOR THEM SPECIFICALLY.

Enough with the words!

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. Affirmation: I am not involved in gossip. I’m not even going to listen to it.
There is no lack of sin in the variety of words. He who closes his lips, on the other hand, is wise. 10:19 (Proverbs)

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