Everything has its own set of norms — Stonebwoy on the Shatta-Medikal detention

People should be conservative of their acts, according to Stonebwoy, because the ripple goods can be far more far- reaching than they can conceivably imagine.


This nugget was participated by the Dancehall musician in response to Shatta Wale’s arrest for pranking Ghanaians.

Stonebwoy said in an interview with 3FMSunrise that one’s conditioning should be guided by the laws and rules of engagement in the country.

Despite Shatta Wale’s apologies, Stonebwoy believes Shatta should have been more conservative in his response to the death vaticination.

“You find a pincher stealing from your property. There are some way you must take. You can get into problems if you do not take your time, indeed if you’ve caught a pincher who’s stealing commodity from you.

As a result, there are laws, rules, and regulations that apply to everything we do. I’ve committed a crime if I pick up a cutter and stab or murder that pincher.

Anyhow of whether or not he stole commodity from me. There are more effective approaches to dealing with delicate situations.

So that the ripple effect doesn’t repeat itself. What counts most is how you reply to what happens. That is the stylish illustration I can suppose of right now.

So that we’re all conscious of the fact that, anyhow of whether we’re correct, whatever we do as a result of that has its own consequences.

Shatta Wale and Medikal, according to Stonebwoy, are the topmost people to speak about their captivity gests. “I believe they will come and talk a lot about their gests when they’ve time and are ready.

“It can not be applicable for someone differently to partake or not partake the assignment. But I believe the stylish persons to answer that question are those who know or are in that situation and can say the proper effects. For myself, I can keep pushing my advocate and my cause, which goes a long way toward raising mindfulness about what is going on.”

Stonebwoy is prompting all of his UK suckers to keep an eye out for his forthcoming stint, which will take him to Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

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