Police And Military Clash At Suame

Dramatic scene at Suame: Military men clash with Suame roundabout Police after a Police Officer slapped a Military man

The heat started after the police officer stopped and slapped a Military man who was in a mufti driving an unlicensed (DV)car.

During interrogations, the military man showed his ID to the police but then drove off rejecting Police directives which infuriated the police officers so they then ransacked the Military man and one Police Officer slapped the Military man in the face.

It is not clear what transpired between the Police Officers and the Military man which caused the Police Officer to slap the Military man

The military man then went to bring his colleagues to attack the Police Officers

The Military men attack the police officer who slapped their colleague.

However the policemen also couldn’t stand idle and watch the Military beat their colleague at their own station so they joined the fight.

The Police called for more reinforcement from Central Police Station.

The Military men left the police station upon the arrival of the Police reinforcements saying they will be back.

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