Covid-19 Update: Click To Check for Ghana’s Covid Active Cases And Death Toll

Covid-19 Cases

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Covid-19 has become one major problem in the country and the whole world being classified as pandemic. This came out as in the your 2019 but in Ghana, it was was on the March, 2020. This pandemic has stayed with us till now though some have died as a result of this Covid-19 and others recovered.

This came as in batches or waves of 1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave and now 4th wave. Looking at the rate at which the cases are going up is serious.

According to Ghana Health Service statistics, the active case now stands or fall at 1,817 from the previous result while the death toll rise to 1,174 from the previous result.

Ghana Health Service is therefore asking Ghanaians to continue protect themselves to bring the active cases down and to know that the Covid-19 is still there. So our washing of hands, wearing of nose mask and keeping the distance should still be on practice.

Source: Utv News

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