Cape Coast, C/R: Over 70 Metro Mass Buses Left To Rot: Check what the Manager said about it

Cape Coast Metro Mass Bus Station

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Metro Mass Bus has become one of the major bus for travellers in this country, this was introduced by H. E. J. A. Kuffour’s time in office. In our recent time, when you go to Cape Coast Metro Mass station, you could see more buses in their yard not moving thinking it’s not their turn to load passengers.

United Television took a bold step to check why the buses are not moving and they were told that the buses are not working for some years. Meaning there are some that has major fault and therefore can not be move again and some too has little problem that has to be fix.

According to the reporters, the buses were 70 but on air speaking with the Manager he said the buses are 56 but not 70. Some 40 buses has little problem and the rest has major problem so they are looking forward to repair all those buses.

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Source: UTV Midday News

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