Twin born girls turn boys as they grow

  • Twins who were girls at birth are developing male features as they grow
  • Reports indicate that they suffer from a rare congenital disorder that causes them to possess both the male and female reproductive organ
  • The Ghanaian twins says societal stigmatization is causing them to have suicidal thoughts

Ghanaian twins who were declared as girls at birth by a medical practitioner are developing male physical features as they grow.

A recent video on the official Facebook page of GHONE TV says that the twins were born with both male and female reproductive organs, however, after further examination by doctors, they were declared as females.

The twins possess female names but they grew up with male physical features which make them feel like males as a result of their rare congenital disorder

They drop out from school as a result of stigmatization.

One of them was selected for the Black Queens football team but was dropped upon medical examination.

The twins say the constant rejection from society is causing them to have suicidal thoughts.

They said they are not able to keep a job because their employers always find out their condition and let them go.

The report says that the twins possess wombs with ovaries but have higher male hormones.

Watch the video below for more details

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