1. Consistently arriving late to church services and meetings. It demonstrates that your affection for God and the Kingdom has cooled. Before it’s too late, get up.
  2. It’s a sign of pride to refuse to sit where the ushers direct you to sit. Put a stop to it.
  3. Constantly running out to pick up calls because your phone is ringing so loudly. As soon as you arrive at church, turn off or mute your phone.
  4. Constantly receiving calls during church services. It reveals your true feelings, attitudes, and priorities. Put a stop to it.
  5. During the sermon, chewing gum or sleeping. Keep in mind that the church is neither a movie theater nor a hotel. Please pay respect to your creator.
  6. Sitting down without medical or health reasons during a prayer or praise/worship session. This gives you a strange and unspiritual appearance. Put a stop to it.
  7. During church hours, always looking at the church clock or your wrist watch, implying that the church should close. Please put an end to it.
  8. Talking on your phone and playing games during church services. It demonstrates that you are not spiritual. Please put an end to it.
  9. Leaving the church before it closes for no apparent reason, giving the impression that those who choose to stay until the end of the service are wasting their time. Please, no more.
    While the service is in progress, members of the congregation congregate outside the church to gossip or discuss sports and politics. Please, no more!

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