The Man United player that is to be blamed for the club’s bad form, according to Neville

Gary Neville, a Manchester United veteran, has defended Jadon Sancho, arguing that the player’s current performance is attributable to the team’s general performance rather than any specific cause.

The spectacular winger joined the club for a big cost last summer but has yet to make an impact.

“Sancho is a victim of the team’s current results right now,” Neville remarked, according to Metro. You’d expect a player like that to join a well-established unit, but he’s still getting his bearings. He did play brilliantly in the closing 20 minutes against Everton a few weeks ago, in my opinion.

“However, he should not be the target of any criticism at this time. Yes, you’ll face criticism for signing for such a high salary as a United player, but that would be a distraction.

“I believe they must correct the team’s balance. If you put Sancho, Fernandes, Pogba, Ronaldo, and Greenwood in the same team, you’ll need three or four of them to work like they’ve never worked before if you want to beat good teams because they don’t work hard enough out of possession.”

Sancho’s adjustment to his new circumstances would have been assisted if he had arrived in a calm setting free of chaos.
However, the young Englishman has a reputation of taking things slowly when it comes to campaigns, so it’s not surprise that he’ll take his time before reaching his peak.

Sancho’s new role and position under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as opposed to the flexibility he enjoyed with Borussia Dortmund, are also elements to consider.

Another aspect is that the versatile 21-year-old did not enjoy a full pre-season at Manchester United due to illness during his early years at the club.

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