Funny Face calls out baby mama, demands DNA test

Controversial actor and musician Funny Face has called out his yet-to-be-identified baby mama over the paternity of their child.
Funny Face, in an emotional video he has since made public, said he was losing his one-year-and-seven-months old daughter to her baby mama’s new lover.
He expressed jealousy over the fact that the said millionaire has been given access to his daughter while he has been restricted from visiting her in Germany.
Funny Face posted a photo of the said ‘daughter’ who he named as Yaa Boatemaa on social media.He claimed the child’s mother had confronted him for laying claims to her daughter while calling him a psychopath.
Funny Face also claimed that but for a dream in which his daughter tasked him to fight for her, he would have ignored the insults rained on him.
To reach a balance, he is requesting DNA to prove he is indeed not the father and the result will prove if he would stay away or not.

Readers may recall that Funny Face once said during his issue with his second baby mama, Vanessa, that he was involved with another woman.

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