Check Out The New K9 Unit of the Ghana Police Force

The Police has a number of Units such as the Formed Police Unit, the Military Police etc that will enhance the effective productivity of the Police.

in pursuit to fight more crime the Police has included a new unit called the K9 Unit. This unit as usual, is made up of men and women who are specially trained to use dogs in the delivery of their tasks.

These trained dogs will help fight crimes such as detecting ‘white powder’ (cocaine) and other items that might be smuggled in and out of the country. They will also assist in rubbery cases and some criminal detectives.

The Ghana Police PRO ACP Kwesi Ofori has said that the new K9 Police Unit is not a threat to humanity and therefore Ghanaians should not be afraid seeing this new development. He added that the new unit has started operation in Accra and would be extended later to other parts of the country. As usual, the Police is your friend.

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