After viewing McArthur’s challenge on Saka, Aubameyang launches a venomous 15-word tweet

Last night at the Emirates, Arsenal and Crystal Palace shared the points, with James McArthur’s challenge on Bukayo Saka being the game’s most talked-about moment.
The Eagles midfielder volleyed Saka in the calf just before halftime. The Arsenal youngster rolled around in discomfort as a result of the tackle and had to be replaced at halftime.

Mike Dean only awarded McArthur a yellow card for his challenge. Arsenal fans were upset on social media, and their captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, shared their displeasure.

Aubameyang was one of Arsenal’s better players last night. From the first whistle, he was on the lookout for it and deservedly scored. The Gunners appeared to have the upper hand at that time, but Palace fought back hard.
Mikel Arteta’s side held on for a one-goal lead at halftime, but they should’ve had a man advantage as well.

With each viewing, McArthur’s challenge on Saka appeared to be more deliberate, but Mike Dean and VAR judged it was only worth a yellow card.

Arsenal supporters and Arteta were upset, as was Aubameyang, who hadn’t realized how horrible it was until he re-watched it on Twitter.
“How is it not red?!,” he wrote in French, according to Google. “I hadn’t seen it like that from the field,” she said, adding

an angry emoji to the mix.

Arsenal would have had a tremendous advantage if McArthur had been sent off right before halfway. Dean and VAR declined, allowing Crystal Palace to recover and come close to winning the game.

One thought on “After viewing McArthur’s challenge on Saka, Aubameyang launches a venomous 15-word tweet

  1. Poor use of pronoun.and I quote “….I had not seen it like that from the field” she said.
    Well, I think auba14 is a male,not a female.That’s total disrespect to the captain

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