Inauguration of the National Planning Committee for the 2022 Green Ghana Project

The National Planning Committee for the 2022 Green Ghana Project has been established, with the charge of reviewing the 2021 National Tree Planting exercise and making recommendations to the government.

Samuel A. Jinapor with members of the committee

The Committee Members were unveiled at the Ministry’s Conference Room on Friday, October 15, 2021, with the Minister,Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor, outlining the commission’s accreditation.

According to the Minister, the Committee has been assigned with two major tasks initiating way for coming time’s exercise and conducting a comprehensive inspection of the 2021 Green Ghana exercise.

” Basically, what we are doing is starting the planning process for Green Ghana 2022.” This platoon won’t only begin primary work for 2022 Green Ghana, but will also serve as a review commission for 2021.

“It’s critical that we fete that we can not have 2022 without consolidating and staying on top of our sweats in 2021 and their consequences,”he said. “This is a platoon that I allowed should review 2021, where we’re with the systems, how numerous trees we planted, where they’re and how they’re doing, what are the assignments and faults,”he added.

After explaining the commission’s purpose,Hon. Jinapor expressed his confidence in the members’ capability to carry out their liabilities. He stated that the group’s composition gives him reason to believe that the thing of breeding a tree-planting culture in Ghanaians will be met.

He admonished the group to come up with ideas for expanding the design to every niche and fissure of the country. Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Coffers and Committee Chairman, assured that “we will take stock of what happed in 2021.”

Ghanaians are looking to us for information about what happed. A member of the commission, Madam Joyce Aryee, prompted Ghanaians to embrace the action as a charge to cover the country’s vegetative cover and guard against global warming.

She stated that the commission will launch a public mindfulness crusade to educate Ghanaians about the significance of tree planting. “We must insure that this is possessed by Ghanaians.”Ghanaians, as citizens, should fete their responsibility to the terrain that sustains them.

Once we can move people that they aren’t planting trees because the President or a Minister says so, but because it’s necessary for the survival of our own lives and gutters, the survival of tree- air, and the very effects on which we calculate. “I believe we will win the hearts of the people if we can get this communication across,”she added.

The Committee was made up of representatives from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Coffers, the Forestry Commission, the Ghana Police Service, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, the Forest Plantation Development Fund Board, the Association of Ghana Diligence, the Ghana Education Service, the Christian Council of Ghana, the Catholic Secretariat, the Ghana Chamber of Mines, and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).

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