I Can Never Forgive The Late T.B Joshua For What He Did To Me Years Back Nigerian Actor Jim Iyke Recounts.

popular Nigerian actor and movie producer has revealed that he can never forgive the late prophet T.B Joshua for what he did to him some years back.

The actor became a national topic when video of the actor receiving deliverance at the synagogue church international went viral on the internet.

Per the video it can be recalled that an evil spirit was speaking through the actor that he was possessed and that’s why he can’t get married.

The actor has revealed to a Tv channel that the late man of God and head pastor of the synagogue church of all nations disgraced him and he cannot forgive him for such act because he only brought his mother for deliverance because she was sick but it turned out to be the man of God diverted everything to him.

“And I said com’on men this is childish, this is not what we came here for. Let’s move mom out of here and continue to seek medical help”.

“Then there was this gentleman in question who looked at me and saw the amusement on my face and touched me. Now I can’t explain what happened in that space of time. In that 5mins what ever happened happened.

“I’m not here to start any explanations to spiritual things that’s beyond me. I’m a man that understands how things work. That I can either explain and anybody can suggest anything because personally I know what happened to me.

“Within that time lacks explanation because they said I said stuff,did stuff which I found to be extremely embarrassing.

“At that point even if I was told there is a cure in hell I would go because we talking about my mother who I love and adore so much.

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