Failed Marriage Doesn’t Mean a Failed Life.

Never allow a broken relationship to break your life. Not everybody plan to get into a marriage that will end up in divorce.

But when love turns to misery and it’s demanding for dear life, people look for the nearest exit. Sometimes we ignorantly leave someone who has 70% of what we need and goes to someone who has 30% of what we want.

What you need is more important than what you want. Marriage is never a bed of roses, conflicts are inevitable between husband and wife. There is no such thing as a perfect human being.

Never make a divorce or breakup the first option in your relationship or matrimonial conflicts. But when you tried your best and it all ended in vain.When you have endured unbearable pains to save your home but it ended in divorce.

That doesn’t make you a failure and neither should you put your life on a permanent hold. Letting go doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you’re strong enough to let go of something that doesn’t belong to you.

Some things in life are not naturally meant to be. Get yourself together and move on with life. Sometimes all you need is a little break to have a better vision, but don’t mourn forever. Stop crying over what you can’t change.

Self-pity, regrets, and depression is never the remedy for a heartbreak.The clocks will never stop tickling because someone broke your heart. Whoever broke your heart has moved on with life and you’re in the pain alone. Don’t stop living while you’re still alive.

Stop living in loneliness for fear of another heartbreak. For fear of people’s comments, condemnation an judgment don’t die in silence. Anyone who cannot feel your sadness has no right to define your happiness. Never give up on love in your journey of life.

Perhaps those who say they don’t need any more companion has never experienced the true meaning of loneliness. Never rush into a new relationship or marriage until you fully understand why the last one failed.

Check yourself and make corrections about your own weakness and mistakes before you try again. Always leave your past in the past. Never bring the agonies of your old relationship into the new one Never blame the mirror without washing your face.

Stop lying to yourself if you truly want a change. If you date or marry 5 people in 2 years and they all treat you bad means you need to check yourself. Same mistakes every time will eventually look like it’s a DESTINY.

Ladies! Open your EYES… Please when a guy meet you and tell you that “I want to study you small before I will marry you”, sister don’t sleep with him, if you sleep with him my sister, it will take you 7 years for that course and the result will mark big. After that he will go and find a virgin or another lady and marry her without sleeping with her. Believe me, that day you will cry and before you will remember my advise then is too late. Had I know is always at last.I wish you well….

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