No more 1, 2 Cedi Notes … read more

The new Ghana Cedi notes have since their institution in 2007, helped in the easy transaction and movement of the currency.

The new Ghana Cedi has 1 Cedi, 2, 5, 10, 20 and later 50, 100 and 200 Cedis as the highest.

There was an alteration which enabled the inclusion of 2 Ghana cedis about a decade ago, under the chairmanship of the then Governor, Mr. Amissah-Arthur. He revealed that there was pressure on the One Cedi note and there therefore the need to include 2 Cedi note.

In recent news, the was a new development as regards to the 1 and 2 Cedi notes. The governor revealed that these notes are frequently used and therefore, most of the time, returns back tattered and dirty making it impossible for recycling. This, he said, has incurred a lot of cost.

Therefore, there is the need for 1 and 2 Ghana cedis coins to replace the notes. So Ghanaians should expect a phase-out of the 1 and 2 Cedi Notes soon.

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