Answers to service provider rights and responsibilities

 1) A guest is a paid customer who lawfully utilizes the services of a facility.

2) True

3) A right is something a person or an entity is entitled to.

4) A duty is and obligation that a bearer has to perform.

5) False

6) True

7) qualified

8) I. If the client Is in possession of a prohibited item.

  ii. When the client is intoxicated

  iii. When the client poses a threat to the employees or other guests.

  iv. When the clients is below the legal age.

9) I. The client has the right to reasonable service.

  ii. The client has the right to a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

 iii. The client has the right to protection of property placed in the care of the facility.

  iv. The client has the right to relevant information pertaining to Health and Security.

10) I. when there is routine entry

     ii. Suspicion by the hotel staff that the client is engage in illegal activity or is disturbing other guests.

11) I. Provide accurate information which may be legally requested.

    ii. To fulfill your financial obligations

    iii. The client must behave in a non-offensive or disruptive manner.

   iv. The client is supposed to treat staff and other guest with courtesy and respect.

12) I. Right to deny entry

      ii. The service provider has the right to data information.

      iii. The service provider has the right to release certain information.

      iv. The service provider has the right to deny further services.

13) I. They owe the clients accurate information particularly in marketing.

     ii. They owe the clients value for their money

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