Answers to law questions

Answers to the law questions

  1. I. Intangibility

ii. variability

iii. inseparability

I. intangibility has to do with the fact that products cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before they are purchased. Since the customer will not know how good their products will be until after he or she has used it or consumed it, the customer can file a lawsuit against the business if the product falls very far below the expectations of the customer or goes very badly.

ii. Variability; since services are highly variable, their quality depends on who provides them and when and where they are provided, services are produced and consumed simultaneously which limits quality of control and when service delivery ends up causing harm to the customer, the customer can either file a lawsuit or hold the business accountable

iii. Inseparability; In most hospitality services, the service provider and the customer must be present for the transaction to occur, if the service personnel is unable to take part in a service production or fails to show up for service delivery, the customer can choose to file a lawsuit.

2) True

3) True

4) Laws are regulations that govern behavior in society or an organization.

5) country specific laws pertain only to the country it finds itself.

6) True

7) I. Spirit

     ii. letter

     iii. sanction

– Letter; it is the documented aspect of the law, document either by acts or legislative instruments

– sanction; describe the punishments for the law, they also make the laws enforceable

8) I. Laws modify or ensure acceptable behavior in Society.

    ii. Laws enable the punishment of deviance.

   iii. Laws help to govern.

9) True

10) legal liability

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