On all digital channels, continue to push the envelope. “Rain follows a storm, and a fresh chapter follows a difficult period. The sun will always shine after the rain, and there will always be a fresh chapter after every struggle,” Jagonzy said to TheAfricanDream.net about the album’s name inspiration.

Since its release on June 25 this year, the New Chapter Album has caused ripples in many areas of the world, particularly in Ghana and among his admirers in the United States and Europe. The record has been embraced by people from all walks of life.

Then came New Chapter visuals which actually happened to be the first song of the album and was a fan favorite based on statistics off streaming and video platforms online.

Godah, Young Chicky, Lyrikal ABK, Rider, Joe Whillie, and Esco Baby Boy were among the six amazing artists from Agona Swedru that appeared in the graphics for the track “Speeding.” The opening video was meant to set the tone for the rest of the album.

The new video’s tale is told in less than four minutes, and it details his journey from the beginning of his musical career to where it is now and what the future holds…


“It’s all about love, hatred, motivation, struggle, and growth. This song is a source of inspiration for me; I tried to include a little bit of everything for everyone…” According to TheAfricanDream.net, Jagonzy describes the song as one that “can link one to oneself as well as connect one to the globe.”

Visuals and song is out and trending on all platforms


A chapter worth waiting. The chapter that kicks off a new beginning. A chapter well worth the wait. This is the first chapter in a new series. This chapter deals with both love and hatred. It inspires you to think about something bigger than yourself. A chapter that teaches you how to go through it rather than what you get from it. A chapter in which we don’t condemn others based on their flaws but instead offer them the opportunity, time, and space to work things out for themselves. This is the beginning of a new chapter, baby!! This is the new chapter baby!!


Jagonzy – My Story ft Ciiker

Produced by: FREDDO BEATZ

Directed By Sam Armstrong

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