Another Pregnant Woman Kidnapped In Takoradi – Read full details

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In life, a woman has to be able to deliver after 9 months pregnant and arranged by God, but if the 9 months exceed, we must to know that there may be something wrong somewhere.

This woman who’s name was not mention is a pregnant woman carrying a baby of 10 months still not delivered. And she was asked by the Doctor to have more exercise to enable her to deliver, so she decided to go on early morning jogging around her township.

According to the report from her husband, she went out for jogging around 5am without the husband’s accompaniment.

The husband was expecting her to be in the house in the morning but was not hearing from her so he decided to search in all hospitals in Takoradi as in case the wife has reported in any of the hospital to deliver but did not find her.

Again the husband got a call on the same day from the Kidnappers that his wife is with them so he should pay a sum of money before releasing her to him.

The husband then reported the case to the police, investigation and searching are going on to get the pregnant woman.

The family and the police are asking the public to report it to the nearest police station if found.

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Source: Angel Tv/Fm news.

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