He caressed her back and lubricated her front

I have been married to my Nigerian wife for a while now, let’s say 6 months. I already had trust issues and others because of the confession stories I read, what people shared, and how relationships usually turned out.

I am De Graft, and here’s my story. Aside from my trust issues, I had always had a consolation in my heart of marrying a best friend than someone I met not long ago, or a lady who was just a friend. The issue is due to my mother’s betrayal and the veil that covers it.

So, I met Trisha online. We talked like forever for about a year. She was so pretty I could hardly take my eyes and thoughts off her. We had planned on getting married. The funny thing is, I actually stole her from a relationship she was fed up with to make her mine during our friendship days.

I didn’t think a time will dawn on me when karma will have its way with me. After Trisha and I got married, she was constantly on her phone chatting with a particular guy who I didn’t know. She would make excuses sometimes too.

One day, she dressed too over-classed and too pleasing as she was about to go out. I secretly followed her till she reached what seemed like a lodge. One man met her and sent her inside to offer her a drink. As they exchanged talks, she gradually and teasingly removed her clothes and it appeared she was there for a massage.

He caressed her back and lubricated her front sides too. Not until I saw the unforgettable happen as they started making out. What did I do to deserve this? Please help!

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