She Wants kids but doesn’t want sex

We’ve been married for two years and have yet to have a kid together. I’m not shocked we haven’t been able to have a kid, but I am startled by my wife’s reaction to the fact that we don’t have one. She called me impotent the other day. She called me sterile a few days back. “The next time you call me anything other than my name, I’m walking out of this mess you call marriage,” I informed her.
Let me take you back to our dating days. When it came to sex, this lady was incredibly rigid. She was the one who set the guidelines. “No sex this month; I don’t want you to have it every day.

We haven’t exchanged vows yet.” I’m not going to argue with her about it, and she’ll do precisely what she said she’d do. “I called you and you didn’t answer,” she’ll say at another point. Three weeks without sex.”
Those things didn’t affect me at all. She was a person of integrity. It would have been a huge mistake of mine to simply look at her from that perspective and assume that she wasn’t suitable for marriage. We had been dating for two years before deciding to marry.

She didn’t stop breaking the rules once she married. Every new day brought new regulations, all of which revolved around sex. We haven’t had sex in three months at the time of writing. What is her justification? She suffered horrible cramps during her period, and she claims she has never had cramps before in her life. “I chatted with a doctor friend of mine, and she stated my pains were due to sex, and that if your husband’s joystick is large, it can cause cramps,” she explained. I had a feeling she was lying. I knew she was just seeking for a reason to avoid having sex. It didn’t disturb me because I’m used to their shenanigans.

We’re married, but we only have sex when she wants it, and because she doesn’t want it very frequently, we can go for weeks without it. The worst thing is that she refuses to wear any other style than missionary. So, when her goodness arrives and she finally makes it possible for me to do it, she’ll tell me, “Just do it and leave me alone.” Bue if I kiss her! Bue if I don’t kiss her! “Don’t come near me here. Why are you walking side by side when you might be walking straight? Hey…hey…hey, don’t touch my breast; it hurts. What medicine did you take to stay so long?”

Throughout the action, she will nag. I don’t even potentially alter on occasion. I’ll just get off her and go back to sleep. It’s been like this since we got married two years ago. I’m not grumbling. “Do you know how many times people have sex before a child can result?” I asked her recently when she brought up the subject of childbirth. You’re here making rules for me and yet you want to start a family?” “Alice got married four months ago and she’s pregnant,” she explained. What was the number of times they did it? We’ve been doing it for two years and have seen no results. Before I give up on you, go find some medicine.”

Every marriage has its own set of issues. I recognize she’s causing me problems. What I don’t get is her attitude toward the troubles she has created for herself. “I spoke to my doctor friend,” she said one day while I was there. She claims that we’ve been having sex unnecessarily, which is why the pregnancy hasn’t materialized, and that we should only have sex while I’m ovulating. You’re not going to waste your sperm on me anymore. Keep them in a safe place. Develop them. Make them powerful enough that a child will appear when you hit one. “Did you hear that?”

How many times do women ovulate in a month, brothers and sisters? Isn’t it true that you’ve done it at least once? So, how come we haven’t had sex in three months? “You mean you haven’t ovulated for the past three months?” I asked, desperate for an answer. “I’m tracking it with an app,” she explained. The app hasn’t indicated that I’m ovulating yet.” Eiii! So now there’ll be an app that decides when it’s appropriate to have sex and when it’s not?

That’s my wife for you, God’s people. I reported the problem to her parents since no spouse will sit and gaze while things go wrong in his marriage. They dialed her number and spoke with her for a long time. “We’ve spoken sense to her,” her father said over the phone. I don’t think she’ll do it again after the manner I’ve beaten her.” “Shame on you,” she said when she arrived home. You went to my parents and told them about me? Are you a youngster? Is it all due to sex? I assumed you were a man. Before being pregnant, a true man doesn’t require a lot of sex. They hit one, and bam! the child appears. You crave it on a daily basis. I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

It’s been three months. It may appear to be quite short, but let me convert it to days. I haven’t had sex in almost a month! Despite the fact that I’ve earned three salaries without sex, she accuses me of being infertile because we haven’t had a child. I’ve informed her parents twice, and both times they have spoken with her. “If I have to come and supervise it, I will come there myself,” her father said the last time we spoke. What kind of a blunder is that?” On my side, even her father is enraged. At this moment, I shall have the authority to make any dramatic decision I desire. I’ll pack her belongings and deliver her to her parents one day.

Before I will take her back to the marriage, she will sign a bond of good behavior and a promise to have sex four times a week.

A wife does not live her life just for the purpose of traumatizing her husband. Or should I immediately dismiss her?

-A story shared by Dadson

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