Chelsea defender Reece James’ medals were taken in a burglary while he was playing in the Champions League.

On Tuesday,

while playing for Chelsea against Zenit St Petersburg in the Champions League,

Reece James’ home was broken into.

The Euro 2020 runners-up medal,

Champions League winner’s medal,

and Super Cup winner’s medal,

according to the 21-year-old England right-back, were all stolen.

He went on to say that “thankfully” no one was at his home at the time of the robbery.

“I want to let all of you know I am safe and healthy,

” James wrote on Instagram.

In May of last year, the defender was part of the Chelsea team that defeated Manchester City in the Champions League final.

In the summer, he helped England reach the final of Euro 2020,

which Gareth Southgate’s side lost on penalties to Italy,

before assisting Chelsea in their Super Cup victory over Villarreal earlier this season.

My house was broken into by a gang of cowardly robbers “James remarked.

“They were able to load a hefty safe containing some of my personal belongings into their car as a group.

“I never store any of my jewelry at home,

therefore the only items in the safe were my Champions League and Super Cup winners’ medals,

as well as the Euro 2020 runners-up medal.

“These medals were gained on behalf of Chelsea and England,

and they are honors that I will never lose,

regardless of whether I have the tangible medals to prove it.

“However, I am pleading with all of my Chelsea and England followers to help me identify and apprehend these thugs,

who will never be able to sleep at night as the evidence rises against them.

“”We have good leads on the culprits,

and the police, my counsel,

and Chelsea FC (among others) are all behind me.” “We’re getting closer to them,

” says the narrator.

“This investigation is still ongoing and in its early stages,

” Surrey Police said. “At this time, no arrests have been made.”

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