Akatsi All Stars Qualified to the Division 1 league; but how did they get there?

The Akatsi All Stars Football Club, a division two football club in Akatsi Ghana has qualified to the Division 1 League. In the Volta and Oti Regional Football Association’s 2020/21 Division Two Middle League which  saw 8 teams from the 4 Sectors of the Volta and Oti regions battling for a sole slot available for the National Division One League, the Akatsi All Stars Football Club secured the enviable slot after coming up as the champions of the Division Two Middle League on 12th September 2021 after crushing the Ho Home Stars at the Ho Sports Stadium.

This success story of the Akatsi All Stars Football Club cannot be celebrated enough without giving credit to Hon. Bernard Ahiafor, the Member of Parliament for Akatsi South District. The MP is noted to have started organizing competitive football matches for football teams in his district and donating jerseys and footballs to all the participating teams. 

The MP also engaged a technical team to select quality players from these matches after which he bought a second division slot to form the division two football team named Akatsi All Stars. This football team was duly registered and legalized by the MP.  Despite efforts by some people with diabolic political agenda to torpedo the efforts of Bernard Ahiafor in taking Akatsi All Stars High to the level that it is now,  he stood firm to remove them quickly with the support of some people of goodwill.

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