UCC Examinations Timetables: Going Forward We Expect This To Be Done

It is sad to note that the end-of-semester examinations for the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year begin on Monday, September 20 and most students are still craving to have a complete timetable.

Drawing examination timetables for all students is undeniably a tedious task. Many considerations are put in place in doing that.

However, knowing the day and the time you will write a paper very early before the examination week enables the student to prepare adequately for the paper. It enables the student to plan very well ahead of the paper (for example, when to have group studies if necessary) most especially when they are two papers to be written in a day. Strategizing one’s plans well as a result of his early awareness of the examination timetable enhances academic excellence.

Unfortunately, the week is about ending and most students in UCC still don’t know their plans ahead of the examinations just because they have not yet had their timetables in full.

Briefly, because of the advantages associated with having a full timetable early, FaroukMedia together with other concerned students, therefore suggests that examination timetables, going forward, should be released at least two weeks before the end-of-semester examinations commence to enable students to prepare adequately in order to achieve academic excellence.

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  1. I heard some computing student of the school have developed a software to solve these problems. I hope management consider it.

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