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🛑 DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER; What Every Blogger Should Know.

Teacher Kofi was the headmaster at the local Preparatory school. This was a job he had enjoyed doing for years. In fact, it had been 15 years since he has started this highly rewarding endeavor.

All of a sudden A parent of one of the JHS students had maliciously told a false story to a newspaper reporter about Teacher Kofi being a rapist which he knew nothing about, This resulted in a meeting with the owner of the school and Teacher Kofi was dismissed and denied of his livelihood.

Try as he might, Teacher Kofi could not convince the owner that the story was false. It was only after talking to a close friend, Osborn who happened to be a lawyer, that Teacher Kofi realized he was a victim of defamation of character.


Defamation of character is defined as communicating of a false message in order to cause severe harm to another person’s reputation. In our example, Teacher Kofi’s reputation was severely harmed and livelihood denied for something he knew nothing about.


The two types of defamation of character are libel and slander.

✍️LIBEL is the writing of false accusations against another person with intent to harm. Libel is what the reporter wrote against Kwame Obinim the Headmaster.

✍️SLANDER is saying false accusations against someone with intent to harm. Slander is what the parent told the reporter in the scenario of Teacher Kofi.

Source : FB/the security media guy

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