[Video]: How to Release Stress 2021

A lot of people are stressed and one of the ways to release stress is to Exercise. Stress has killed many people and sent others to their graves early. 

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. It doesn’t look like a stress relief but it actually is . Mental stress can be relieved through exercise. People who exercise frequently are often free from anxiety and stress. 

Another way to release stress is Laughter . An Anonymous person once said , “Laughter is medicine” . Laughter is good for the health of a person and research shows that it improves your immune system and mood in a long term .

A research was done on Cancer patients and it   came out that those who laughed a lot were relieved from stress. Watching Comedy TV shows , funny pictures , and hanging out with friends who make you laugh is one of the ways to stir up laughter. 

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