The end of the beautiful boy.

Once upon a time, there live a hardworking man by the name Daniel who was betrothed to Esther. Esther was also a hardworking and a responsible woman. These two people are well respected in their village due to the docile nature they have.

They got married six months later after knowing each other. Their relationship was one of the best relationship ever. They live happily after marriage.

Not long, Esther got pregnant. This news brought joy to the whole village. They were expecting their child to be just like his parents. People brought a lot of food stuffs as gifts.

Nine to ten months after, Daniel begat Aaron. The villagers gave an identity to Aaron as B.B meaning, the beautiful boy. Aaron the son of Esther grew up only to be arrogant. He never takes advice from his parents nor the elders in the village. He does what he thinks is right.

B.B refused to be enrolled in school. He rather prefer hunting to school. His parents tries their best for him to change his mind but he ignore all the advice given to him.

One warm afternoon, he decided to go for hunting without alerting his parents. He went went into the bush alone. To his surprise, he came across a half man and animal. He try to scream for help but it was too late for him. The monster devour him and that ends his life. The villagers searched everywhere but yet to be found.

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