[Photos] Shocking pictures of Africans with only two toes

Recent Pictures have surfaced online showing a tribe with individuals that have two toes . Is this not shocking? – but it’s real. The Vadoma tribe in Zimbabwe (Kanyemba region) is one of the oldest African tribes . The pictures shows that the world is versatile and unique indeed. 

The tribe is also called the ‘Ostrich-footed tribe’ . The members of the tribe are not allowed to marry anyone from another tribe except someone of their own kind . Most of the people who live with them in the community  do not call them disabled and physically challenged.

 Their toes help them climb trees easily. The marriage situation is very serious as anyone who marries from any other tribe is regarded unlawful and can be arrested. 

 “Ectrodactyly Syndrome” is the name given to this rare genetic medical condition. It’s sad to be passed on genetically from parent to offspring. They are not able to wear shoes and cannot run; walking is possible but with difficulty and resistance. 

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