Pappy Kojo reacts to Kobby Bex’s submission that he’s disappointed in him

Hardcore Fanste rapper Pappy Kojo has reacted to Kobby Bex’s assertion that he’s disappointed in him. 

A few days ago, Kobby Bex stated in an interview with Cheers FM that he’s disappointed in Pappy Kojo for not keeping the fire burning after jumping into the limelight.


Kobby Bex noted that Pappy Kojo was an inspiration to many young artists in Takoradi including him but after getting to the top, he has relaxed and not releasing bangers anymore.


Well, days after his submissions, Pappy Kojo has reacted in a more mature way and manner.

Instead of spitting venom at him, Pappy Kojo reposted a photo of Kobby Bex on his verified account with no caption.


Clearly, this depicts the special love Pappy Kojo has for young artists especially those from Takoradi.


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