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My name is Lucy. But everyone calls me little Lucy. I guess that’s because I’m always the babyish, childish type of person around.

This is the story of my life. I’ve been trying overtime to write a book. I’ve kept a full diary since I turned ten. Now as a grown up adult, I amassed all those little thoughts, turning them into my very own story.

Now everyone has a turning point in their life and my own turning point began in 2016 when I started schooling at an all girls school.

At first, I attended middle school at a cooperate school. It was fun while it lasted cause I had tons of friends. But my grades were terrible.

Mom was worried I’d get carried away in a cooperate school so she dumped me in an all girls school.


The mistake she made however, was to make me a boarder.

” But I don’t want to go to an all girls school,” I whined when she disclosed the news to me.

She was going through the prospects of my new school, a big smile on her face. ” Why not? The school’s perfect. I heard they have the best teachers and the most brilliant students in the country. Check out their records. It says they’ve won Cowbell maths competition fifteen times.”

I was seated in the living room with mom, glaring at her. ” Mom, I know that. But….I can’t… I don’t want to leave. Not just yet.”

Mom looked up from the papers at me. ” And why?”

I bite my lips. ” It’s because I don’t want to. I mean, I’ve never been to a boarding school before and….well, I like it here where I’m schooling already. I have lots of friends. I can’t just give them all up.”

Mom sighed. ” Honey, I understand but your grades are bad. That’s not cutting any ice with me. Your friends are a bunch of distraction and I don’t like them anyways. All you girls ever do is lock yourself up in the room, watching Hannah Montana or Twilight or playing creepy music and gossiping about irrelevant things. I see no where you’d be getting if you keep going on like this.”

I nearly sat up. ” And you think sending me to QA would change that?”

” Apparently so, Lucy,” mom said. ” Queen’s Academy is what I want for you. The school’s very expensive but that’s alright, I can afford it. You’ll be transformed the moment you step foot there. I’ve seen the school. They’re very strict and well disciplined. You’ll be happy there, I can assure you.”

” But what about my friends?”

Mom stood up and wandered over to me. She sat down beside me and frail an arm over my shoulder. ” Lucy, you don’t need friends. Your friends are nothing but bad news. Trust me, I know what’s best for you. This new school is going to be the breaking point of your life. You’re just turning sixteen. You still have a long way to go ahead of you. You need discipline and the right education. I’ll always support you. You know I want the best for you.”

And that was how I left middle school to begin my senior years in a new school.

We had to travel from my state to a whole different state. The school was situated in Enugu state. It was huge and beautiful. I’ve never seen any school like it in my life.

Hell, the school looks like an estate in Banana island, Lagos.

On my first day at school, we the freshmen were given our uniforms while we waited in a single file for our room numbers and hostels.

QUEENS ACADEMY also Known as QA was one of its kind in the country. I was impressed with what I saw.

I was surprised to see lots of girls; the tall, the short, the ugly, the beautiful, the light skinned and the dark skinned. This was QA and it would forever change my life.


I can’t believe I was going to have my first boarding school experience in an all girls school.

Mom saw me off after stocking me up with provisions at my guardians place. As a growing girl, she knew I needed a lot to eat so she provided more than necessary.

Now at a boarding school, everyone owns a guardian who is like a second parent. They are placed with the responsibility of taking care of your affairs in school.

My guardian was Miss Vee.

Vee was happy to receive me. She was young and very very pretty.

” What’s your name, little one,” she asked infront of my mom.

She was one nice lady and very kind. I liked her instantly.

” Lucy,” I answered, shy at first.

She gave me a sweet smile and I thought I saw dimples on her face. ” Aww, what a cute name. And with such pretty eyes too. I think I’ll call you little Lucy.”

I raised my eyes at her then at mom. Mom liked the name so she nodded her approval.

” Little Lucy?” I touched my lips. ” I like it.”

And that was how I got the name—Little Lucy.

I was average in height with big large pretty eyes. I guess that’s why she thought of me as little. My eyes were the diamonds in me. Many people I knew always talked about my eyes. Big, manga shaped and Crystal clear with long glossy eye lashes that batted always.

Vee and mom talked and it was decided I was to be her ward. Vee promised to take good care of me.

All that time, I was studying my guardian.

She had on tight jeans that were moderate as well as sexy. She wore a blouse top but that only made her more pretty. One thing I noted was her reading glasses that she rarely takes off.

Soon, registration was over and I was given ten minutes to bid mom goodbye.

It was tough to see mom leave. This would be the first time I’d be left with a stranger in a strange place away from the only people I knew my entire life.

” Be a good girl, Lucy,” mom kissed my forehead. ” I know you’ll make me proud.”

I was sniffing like a little kid. ” Mommy…. don’t go.”

Mom held my shoulders. ” Don’t worry, baby. Be strong. I know it’s going to be tough but you got this. I’ll come visit on your visiting day. I promise.”

I looked at mom. ” You promise?”

Mom nodded. ” That’s right. You got Miss Vee. She’s a nice lady. I like her. She’d take good care of you. Remember, if you ever need anything, money, provisions, anything at all, tell Miss Vee. She’d give you her phone to call me, okay.”

I was shedding tears. I don’t want her to leave. I’m childish, I know that but I don’t want my mommy to go.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a hand held my shoulder. I turned around and I was looking up at Vee.

She glanced at me and smiled. ” Don’t cry, little Lucy. I’m here for you.”

Mom was glad. And so with Vee by my side, I watched mom board our car and drove out of the school premises, waving through the window.

I sobbed bitterly, squeezing Vee’s hand. She drew me closer and whiped my tears.

I was staring at my feet, not wanting her to meet my eyes.

Vee placed her hand under my chin and raised my head to meet her eyes.

” Little Lucy, why are you crying?”

I stared at her eyes. They were dark brown eyes. ” I…. I’m scared. I’m going to miss my mom.”

Yeah as childish as it sounded, that was me all the time.

Vee smiled. She held my head, looking into my big eyes. ” Don’t bother about her. I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’m your new mom now.”

I didn’t say anything. But I was getting used to her by now.

” You can call me mom if you like,” she said softly, taking hold of my hand as she rose to her full height.

She was tall, I forgot to mention.

” Mom?”

” Yes, since I’m going to be your guardian. Most girls under my care call me that. They were once like you when they started newly. Homesick and all but that is to be expected. I treated them with care and had them call me mom. With time they adjusted and overcame their homesickness. You can call me mom now. It’d cheer you up. I promise.”

I regarded her, liking her the more. She was Soo nice. Perhaps it’d be nice if I called her mom.

” Come on, little Lucy,” she assisted me with my bags as she led me away to the staff lodge which the school had built for all teaching staff living in the school.

Vee’s house was small but it had electricity and pretty flower beds that gave it that lovely day look.

Her lodge was composed of a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen. It’s small enough but it’s was very homey.

What was I saying. It was the most loveist home I’ve ever seen.

Vee had no television. Perhaps she couldn’t afford it but she had a stereo system on the wall.

I stared at the wall in amazement.

Instead of wall paints, I saw beautiful artistic designs on the wall as if she paid some artist to paint for her.

It’s Soo beautiful. I was speechless.

Then there were the potted flowers on every corner of the rooms. There were also a canvas and some painting boards lying on the floor.

I turned to Vee. ” You’re a painter?”

Vee smirked. ” That’s right, little Lucy. I teach fine arts.”

That wasn’t a surprise cause everything in this house pointed to it.

” Here,” she opened a large cupboard. ” This is where all my wards keep their provisions. It’s safe here. Whenever you want to get anything from here, I’m always available with the keys.”

I dropped the bag and waited for her while she locked the cupboard. There were many bags of provision in that cupboard. I began wondering how many ward she has under her care.

” Why don’t you seat on the floor over there while I make tea,” she offered. ” You like tea, don’t you?”

I glanced at the floor. Then it occurred to me she had no seats, only a long fluffy snow White rug that was as soft as a bed.

” Tea would be nice,” I said, meeting her eyes. ” Thanks, Miss Vee.”

Vee shooked her head. ” Call me mom. I told you that, didn’t I?”

I giggled. Don’t know why I giggled but it sounded soo off calling another woman mom beside my mother.

” Alright. Mom.”

Vee smiled and returned to the kitchen. I heard her liting the stove as she placed the kettle to heat it up.

As I waited for Vee on the floor, I studied the walls again.

The paintings were extraordinary. I haven’t seen anything Soo beautiful in my life.

There was a painting of two school girls on the wall. There was also a painting of a horse, a sunset, a big tree, some flowers, and more flowers.

Then I saw the names on the wall.

They were more like nicknames though, painted beautifully but their style was different from Vee’s paintings.

These must’ve been painted by her wards.



Queen Bee




Teddy bear

Seven names. All girls. I became interested in these names. I wondered who they were.

Just then, someone knocked on the door and stepped in. I turned around sharply and stared at her.

She stopped dead when she saw me.

That was how I met Collette.

Collette was tall with an oval pretty face and slim slender body. Her lips were full and red and her cheeks had cute little dimples on them.

She had small titties which were developing fast. From the looks of it, I’d bet she was my senior.

One thing that caught me about her was her shoulder length hair which were coal black and shinny. Her hair was plaited in a corn crew but it still looked beautiful as ever.

She was very neat and smart looking Judging from her well ironed uniform and red tie capped off by her red Barret.

I remembered my manners as to great her. ” Good evening.”

She regarded me without saying anything.

Vee appeared with a tray of tea on her hand. She frowned when she saw the newcomer. ” Collette, what are you doing here? I thought I told you I never want to see you here again!”

Collette seemed to have forgotten I was there on the floor, watching her. She left the door and walked up to Vee.

The next thing I knew, she was standing before Vee. I watched her as she silently bent her head.

I heard her sniff and two drops of tears fell off her eyes to the ground.

” I… I’m Soo sorry about yesterday, mom,” she said, softly. ” I didn’t know what came over me. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Vee’s eyes went to me uneasily. I looked away.

She gently dropped the tray on the table and hugged Collette. ” It’s alright, Collette. I’ve forgiven you. Just don’t do it again.”

” I won’t,” Collette sniffed, Burying her face on Vee’s shoulder. ” I promise.”

Vee pushed her away gently. ” Why don’t you settle down. We’d talk about this later. Right now,” she waved to me. ” I’d like you to meet little Lucy.”

Collette stared at me, her eyes wet. I watched her, knowing that she had no interest in me.

” I’m Collette,” she said. Her voice was low pitched and unhurried. It was as if when she spoke, she was counting her words.

I licked my dried lips. ” I’m Lucy.”

She returned her eyes back to Vee. ” Who’s she, mom?”

” My new ward,” Vee said, offering me a cup of tea.

I smelt the aroma. It was a herbal tea. Soo rich and good.

” I see,” Collette said, sounding sad.

Vee frowned. ” Stop looking that way, Collette. She just registered in today. You should be showing her around, not getting jealous.”

” I’m sorry, mom.”

Vee gave her tea. Collette accepted it but she didn’t drink it. I’ll bet there was something more important to her than the tea that she’s been meaning to tell Vee.

But she wasn’t ready to say it while I was around. I drank my tea and forgot I was ever there.

What a creepy girl. I don’t like her sullen air.

” What’s your hostel number?” Vee asked, stretching forth her hand. ” I want to see it.”

I handed her my papers. She read through everything and smiled satisfactorily. ” This is great. Not only are you my ward, you’re also going to be in the same class I teach. That’s wonderful. You’re a science student?”

” That’s right,” I sipped my tea. ” I want to be a petroleum engineer.”

” I’m impressed,” Vee said, impressed. She turned her eyes towards Collette. ” I’ll be leaving for an important meeting right now. Lucy’s room number is 205. Can you be a darling and take her there?”

Collette sad eyes narrowed. ” Alright, I’ll do that.”

This girl. She doesn’t say much don’t she? And why does she always look pale?

” Great,” Vee stood to her feet and headed towards the door. She turned to me with that cute smile on her face against her glasses. ” It’s nice meeting you, little Lucy. Feel free to visit anytime. Obey your seniors so you don’t get in trouble and try to make as many friends as possible. I wish I could stay but I’m tied up with something really urgent. Collette would take you to your room. I wish you a better stay in QA.”

That was a brief reception but I loved it anyway. ” Gee, thanks a lot, mom.”

She nodded to Collette and left the lodge.

That left only Collette and I alone in the room. I sipped my tea, quietly, watching her from the corner of my eyes. She still hadn’t tasted her tea and her face was just as pale as ever.

For a while, the room was drown in silence. Without Vee around, I realized how lonely and boring the lodge was. Well, she’d told me to make lots of friends. I’d start with this pale girl.

” Umm… Collette,” I began then stopped sharply when she raised her head.

” Don’t call me Collette,” she said, her eye hardening. ” When you’re addressing your seniors, you call them seniors and not by their first names. Do you understand?”

I reared back my head, grimacing. ” Well, yeah I kinda knew you were my senior but not that it matters anyways. Back at my former school, we call everyone by their first name. Don’t get me wrong, not that I’m disrespecting you or anything but I believe—”

” Take off your clothes,” she said suddenly, cutting me off.

I gasped. ” Wait, are you asking me to take off my clothes? For what?”

She stared at me with a deadpan expression on her face. She was as calm as the sea but I could tell she was viscious inside.

” You are on your mufti. Your dressing violates the school dress code. I believe you’re given a uniform. So I suggest you take your clothes off and put on your uniforms before I show you your room.”

I rolled my eyes. ” But that doesn’t mean I should take off my clothes right here infront of you. I can use Vee’s bedroom.”

” And why is that?” She asked, calmly. ” Aren’t we both girls? What is there to hide?”

” I want to use Vee’s bedroom,” I insisted.

She took a long sip from her tea. ” Mom won’t allow that. No one goes beyond the living room. That’s her rule. Now take off your clothes.”

I don’t like this but I knew better than to argue with her. ” Alright, then you’ll have to wait outside while I change.”

Collette said nothing. She took another long sip until the cup was empty. Then she rose up to her feet and walked towards where I sat.

She stopped before me and stood.

I glanced up at her, expecting her to walk out of the door to give me some privacy.

Instead, she opened her mouth and repeated herself. ” I’m not going to ask you again, little Lucy. Take off your clothes now.”

Now I was getting mad. I jumped to my feet and wagged my fingers at her face. ” Now just a minute, just because you’re my senior doesn’t gives you the right to start ordering me about taking my clothes off. This is my body and it belongs to me. Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean I can strip infront of you. I love my privacy and it’s within my choice to choose where and when I want to undress. So if you’d stop being a snob, I’d rather prefer you leave the room so I could undress. If you’re not going to do that, then I’m not going to do anything until Miss Vee returns.”

Collette stared calmly at me. I couldn’t get a reaction out of her.

Suddenly, she came closer to me and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

I gasped in fright. My nose was an inch away from her dark hair. I could smell her shampoo and her body fragrance.

” Wh…. what are you doing?” I asked, surprised at why she had her arms around me.

Then I felt my back zip being drawn down to my hips. I stiffened in shock and tried to push her away but she was stronger than me.

As gently as she could, she unzipped my dress and pulled it away from my body in one swift jerking movement.

I shouted. I was now in my brassier and panties. I was Soo scared and frightened, I jumped back and covered my brassier with my hands.

Collette looked me up and down, a bored expression on her face. Then she moved away from me to my suitcase where my uniforms were neatly folded.

I watched her pulled out my uniforms and dropped them before my feet. She stood to her full height and without looking at me, she ordered; ” Put those on,” she twisted her wrist to check her time. ” We should be leaving for the hostel anytime soon.”


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