Ghanaian gospel singer remanded at police guardianship for fraud

Jacklin Sarfo Gyamfua, who’s known as Ohemaa Jacky has been remanded by an Accra Circuit court.

The Ghanaian creed songster appeared in court moment for defrauding a merchandised of GH under the accounting of securing the concluding with an Italian passport and resident identity cards.

During the earshot presided over by Ms Evelyn Asamoa, the songster was disrespected with two counts of defrauding by false pretense as state prosecutors revealed she also forged two Italian passports for the merchandiser and her baby predecessor.

In a report, Ohemaa Jacky, notwithstanding, contended not shamed to the charges but has since been remanded to police safekeeping tore-appear on September 16 this space.

” The information as presented by the prosecutor, Inspector Frederick Sarpong, were that, in February this space, the suer and a testament in the case spotted the musician running notices on social media platforms purporting to be securing travelling passports and resident identity cards of every country within the European Union (E.U) at a figure, ” the website reported.

The prosecutor said the merchant, who’s the suer was interested in travelling to Italy and got Ohemaa Jacky through her Facebook notice. He said Ohemaa Jacky promised to secure two Italian passports and two Italian inhabiter identity cards for the suer and her child predecessor at a figure of€.

The impeached, according to theInsp. Sarpong, farther gave her Bank account number bearing the name of one Afuah Serwaa Dwamena and another Bank account bearing the name of Lord Mens Enterprise.

He said Ohemaa Jacky either requested the suer to pay the demanded figure of€ into any of the preliminary- mentioned accounts.

The suer therefore deposited polychrome totalities amounting to€ into the accounts handed by the impeached.

Insp. Sarpong further told the court that the musician thereafter furnished two forged Italian Passports and two forged Italian Resident Identity Cards for the plaintiff and her bambino spin-off.

On March 30, 2021, the prosecutor said the plaintiff presented the Italian passports at the Kotoka International Airport to travel outside the country and was pinched on the foundation that the passports presented were fake.


The Prosecutor said a complaint was lodged to the Police leading to the doctrine musician ’s arrest on September 8.

Insp Sarpong said a hunt conducted in the house of Ohemaa Jacky revealed the two forged Italian passports and the forged Italian inhabitant identity cards.

He added that inquiries were ongoing to ascertain the authenticity of the passports and the resident identity cards.

“ Notwithstanding, the defamed and her man have issued stern verbal warnings to both the plaintiff and the lead proof in the case to stay off the case else they risk being dealt with, ” the Prosecutor said. 

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